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Try to maintain any timber, including deck articles, at least six inches above the ground using concrete or block bases.If you can find any trees or shrubs near the construction area, make sure to prune them back whenever they cannot be transferred and test frequently for signs of termites in the wood.Protecting Your Home From TermitesThere are many straightforward things you can do to help prevent a termite invasion.

Check throughout your home for leaks, including fixtures, pipes, and garden hoses. Keep your gutters clean, and clear up any puddles or standing water.Remove Potential Food SourcesAny wood or tree stumps in your lawn may prove as an attractive food supply to termites. To prevent possible infestation, maintain wood piles increased at least six inches above the ground.

Permethrin is considered safe and will function as an effective repellent until the paint or other substance is removed.Seal any CracksBy just caulking around windows and doors, adding screens, and sealing the openings around cables entering your house, you can prevent termites from getting into your home. Even if you currently have an infestation, sealing any crawl spaces can keep additional termites from entering.Using Barriers Against Subterranean TermitesBarriers are a helpful means of combating subterranean termites.



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It should be noted that barriers work best when a portion of a deterrent system and not on their own.There are many types of barrier you can choose from in addition to using chemicals like Termidor. Note that these barriers are merely deterrents and do not kill termites.Particle barriers, like sand and basalt, are best utilized in climates in which the underlying soil does not easily expand with moisture.

Mixing dirt or dust during construction into a particle barrier decrease the effectiveness. Some particle barriers are installed with Biobarrier, which prevents origin invasion.When installing particle obstacles or doing later construction, make sure you consult with pest control experts on ways to prevent damaging the barrier.Barrier CostsThe cost of adding a barrier to your house varies greatly.

The basalt is smashed into particles between one point six and two point five millimeters. This makes the particles too thick for termites to move while also leaving spaces too small for them to squeeze through.When employed in pre-construction, BTBs are inserted in layers several inches thick beneath and around the foundation.

On account of the price of transporting basalt, this type of barrier is the most common in Hawaii.Plastic Termite BarriersThese barriers use plastic sheeting treated using an insect repellent or click over here insecticide to repel termites. They are installed underneath the foundation slab during construction and may involve either one treated layer, or 2 layers with a layer of termiticide in between.Pre-construction options include polythylene sheeting treated with termiticide used to seal the places where water pipes enter the home.



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The sheets not only act as a barrier, but they also reduce moisture and could even kill any invaders.Most termites cannot consume plastic, although Formosans have been known to strike plastic in search of food sources.Sand BarriersWhile not as effective as a chemical barrier, you might add a sand barrier around your property.

Smaller sand falls when the termites try to float into it, and larger grains are too heavy for them to move.This will discourage many kinds of subterranean termite, who prefer loose, moist soil. There are a number of species which prefer sand and will remain a threat. see this page They have shown some effectiveness in reducing the danger of Formosan termites in Hawaii.Soil BarriersIt is likely to use a residual treatment on the ground before pouring your foundation slabs.

Finally, pre-treating the dirt around the perimeter of your home will help provide an early defense against termites and other insects.Stainless Steel Mesh BarriersThese barriers utilize a non-toxic steel mesh with openings between 0.66 and 0.44 millimeters. Termites cannot chew or squeeze their way through the barrier, and an assortment of shapes are readily available to deal with different obstacles, such as water pipes.

A termite shield consists of durable metal sheeting assembled to provide no holes or cracks through which a termite may enter.Termites will often construct mud tubes around or above a shield in order to find an entry point. This permits you to discover a pending termite invasion if you regularly check for you could try this out signs of tubing.



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They're most effective when installed during construction and in conjunction with other forms of deterrent.Unlike different barriers, termite shields are most often built above-ground where the decrease masonry wall meets the wooden beams and components which compose the first floor, or directly on the front of a poured foundation.Dealing with Termite Damage. If you have suffered from a termite infestation, then you may be facing fixes.

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